M. Night Shyamalan’s Spooky Improv Everywhere Rip-Off

As if I could get any more not at all excited about M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, now I see this:

HAHAHHAHAHA. No, lady on the street, “this is not good.” I’m glad to see that when critical reception to Shyamalan’s film was not going very well, he was smart enough to bring in everyone’s favorite element, performance art. So fool proof. Who doesn’t love performance art besides everyone who’s ever seen it? I’m imagining that it will be a popular trend even after the movie is released, when ticket holders express themselves by interpretively throwing themselves off of construction sites and using the powerful metaphor of hanging themselves from all the trees.

And just in case you were wondering, this “experiment” has been edited. The raw footage is even more boring and unimaginative.