Emily The Strange: The Sticker: The Movie

The Hot Topic sticker that has empowered young women by appearing on their wallets, tshirts, and notebooks and has constituted the single best joke birthday gift for anyone named Emily since the mid-’90s, Emily The Strange, will soon be empowering women in movie theaters:

The story line is being kept under wraps, though Reger, who concocted it, said it will offer up some backstory and will feature Emily’s four cats — troublemaker Sabbath, schemer Nee-Chee, imaginative Miles and leader Mystery. It will also have 13 new characters with names like Earwig, Umlaut, McFreeley and Officer Summers.

“In their life, everybody has, especially in the teenage years, looked to find themselves and felt like they don’t fit in,” said Reger. “Emily represents that person, but in a positive light. She prefers to be different and to look at things in her own way. She’s a great role model for people to think for themselves.”

I can’t wait for this movie to get a distributor and the Variety headline to be something like “Warner Bros To Get Some ‘Strange’.” While you wait to learn to think for yourself from the ultimate future cat lady, you can dress up as “Emily The Strange Teen” for Halloween with this official costume. Sullen expression not included.