Russell Crowe May Have Explosive Diarrhea, But Mike Myers IS Explosive Diarrhea

I don’t get what Mike Myers’s problem is. Is he in a competition with Jerry Seinfeld to see who can lose the most good will the quickest? Granted, Jerry Seinfeld is CRUSHING IT on that one. Bee Movie. Never Forget. But still, The Love Guru? No, David Blaine. And he’s clearly going to nail it at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend.

(via Film Drunk)

What? Russell Crowe jokes! Relevant! Diarrhea jokes! YESSSSS! Why can’t Mike Myers write and be in everything? This guy is the best (not the best). Did you know that his character in Love Guru comes from a village in India called Hairin Makeister. That joke alone is grounds for a class action lawsuit.


Dear Mike Myers,

You hurt my feelings. Now fucking pay me.