Found Footage: How To Seduce Women Through Hypnosis

From the opening line (“Women: aren’t they beautiful?”) to the shocking probably-illegal conclusion, this video guide to hypnotizing women and then having sex with them is exactly like a comedy sketch, except it was clearly filmed before the age of irony. It’s from the Found Footage Festival, which is kind of what the internet is now. The clip features commentary by the FFF guys that, while live-show-appropriate and funny, kind of diminishes the raw power of the fact that this actually existed, so try to block it out. Even if this was just passed around from guy to guy in the ’80s, it’s unbelievable.

Actually, the only way to believe that video was distributed is to assume it was distributed with porn. Like some sort of porn freebie, or advertised at the end of porn? Is that how porn works? Gabe?