Operation Watch This: The Foot Fist Way

If you haven’t seen the trailer for The Foot Fist Way yet, see it. If you’re like Lindsay and don’t ever believe me that something looks good until Patton Oswalt also says it looks good: Patton Oswalt loves it and wants to marry it. In preparation for the movie’s release TOMORROW, there is a new anti-rape ad from the King of the Demo, Fred Simmons.

But Sensei Simmons’s dojo has something for everyone, not just potential rape victims. Three more PSAs after the jump.

The Ancient Art Of Discipline

The Ancient Art of Not Having a Heart Attack in Front of a Family Member

The Ancient Art of Not Being Made Fun of for Being Gay

It’s weird how these promos appeal to our readership perfectly, as market analysis has shown that the only people who read Videogum are women in parking structures, angry masturbatory teens, people with heart disease, and dudes who everyone in high school thought were gay and either were or weren’t or are still unsure.