Grown-Up Comedian Shares Video Of His Disastrous Carmen Sandiego Appearance

When comedian Gregg Gethard was in middle school, he was a contestant on a then-new, now-legendary PBS geography game show called Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? After the show aired during his first weeks of high school, Gregg would become legendary for his appearance, getting recognized in grocery stores for years after the show, in which he attempted to tell a knock-knock joke and ended up doing the Humpty dance on national television. Years later, Gregg has gained the perspective that comes with adulthood, and tells the (longish, but good) story of his fateful TV debut to the blog Comic Vs Audience (Via Die Actor Die.) Humpty Dance video along with Carmen Sandiego nostalgia, after the jump.

One of the best things about internet video are TV skeletons coming out of the closet. If only I could find the video of my college friends successfully pretending to be in a white trash love triangle on Jenny Jones.