Shia LaBeouf’s Underwear Is For Sale!

Is now really the very best of times to be selling Shia LaBeouf’s underwear on Ebay? Yes, he’s a big star because of Indiana Jones, but didn’t the world learn just last week that Shia “used to shit on (him)self until (he) was 12″? Someone is selling the costume he wore in the film A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints on ebay, including this pair of underwear, and the current bid is up to $400:

PLEASE NOTE: COSTUME IS “AS IS” WHICH INCLUDES MAKEUP STAINS, DIRT; ETC! (Again, these items was worn and used for filming by Shia)

Hahaha, “ETC!”

According to Wikipedia, filming on A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints began on June 15, 2006, making Shia 20 years old at the time and therefore 8 years out of pants-shitting range, but it’s still important that whoever pays hundreds of dollars for his underwear is properly made fun of.