A Preview Of The Lost Season Finale

The Lost season finale airs tonight. There’s a lugubrious article in the New York Times that analyzes some of the show’s deeper seeded references (the public relations lady on the transport plane in the last episode is named after a Nazi propagandist) and drops a crazy 9/11 reference for why the show is good (SPOILER ALERT it’s because of 9/11).

But who wants to read when you can watch sneak clips?

The prophecy is true. We already know that Jack totally regrets it whenever he gets drunk and hangs out near an airport runway. And he also follows Locke’s advice about lying, which I know because every flash-forward scene of Jack is him lying or making a sad face because he just lied. But the part where Locke says “It’s not an island” makes me laugh. Shut up, Locke. I mean, it’s a really weird island. But it’s still totally an island. Just like the Elephant Man was a really weird man, but still a man in the end. “He wants us to move the Elephant Man.” “I told you I would get you off that Elephant Man.” The metaphor works perfectly.