Things I Learned About ALF Today

Everyone is obsessed with ALF, right? My friend Greg Johnson put this video of ALF bloopers on his blog today and I couldn’t stop myself from watching. Wow, is it just me or was ALF kind of a dick? I always thought Jerry Stahl was sort of exaggerating the misery of the ALF set in Permanent Midnight, or that it had more to do with his heroin addiction, but I’ve watched a lot, and I mean a LOT of TV show bloopers, and I’ve never seen sitcom actors seem like they were having less fun than Max Wright and Anne Schedeen trying to work with Paul Fusco as ALF. As ALF himself yells at one point, this is Sitcom Hell. Also, ALF was on Matlock!

It was funny when he said “Groom Anne Meara,” but it was not funny when he put Kate Tanner’s hand on the ALF puppet crotch. Okay, it was a little funny.

ALF played a possible murder suspect along with Corbin Bernsen, Jason Bateman and other then-current NBC stars on an episode of Matlock:

Last fall, ALF was on The O’Reilly Factor:

Finally, get the ALF fan in your life a vintage ALF troll-like clip doll for .99 cents.