Where Does He Get Such Wonderful FDA Recommended Daily Allowance Of Calcium?

I’m all for drinking milk (wait, what? I don’t care about milk) but this is ridiculous. “Others Reload, Batman Refuels”? What does that even mean? And why are we still advertising milk? Are there people who forgot about milk? And there is nothing more annoying than advertisers trying to appeal to children. “Even Batman needs to drink milk with his spaghetti dinner after a hard day on the Batskateboard. On which he wears a helmet. And knee pads. And elbow pads.” I’m pretty sure Batman doesn’t drink milk. He drinks protein shakes and the blood of justice. And even if Batman did drink milk to help build strong bones and healthy muscle it still wouldn’t account for the military-grade bullet-proof armor and access to his father’s multi-billion-dollar corporation. Got that?

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