Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke Is Looking To Sweep The Saddies

Choke trailer, you guys:

Call it, Carla Jean Moss. It looks like actress Kelly Macdonald has already been pigeonholed into playing mousy nice girls who get tossed around by the rough currents of men trapped by their own weaknesses. Just like Sam Rockwell got pigeonholed years ago into playing flop-sweaty men in moth-eaten clothing chasing after something that doesn’t exist. In any case, we’ve got a tough competitor in this year’s Saddies. If Choke can win the coveted Saddest Sex Scene and Honorary Suicidal Ideation Awards, it may even top last year’s dominating performance by The Savages, which won both Saddest Film That Pretended To Be A Comedy But Was Not A Comedy, and Most Intentionally Sad For No Reason.