FOX’s Moment Of Truth Is Basically A Hate Crime

FOX’s Moment of Truth returns to television tonight, and if this preview clip is any indication, it’s another victory for fans of homophobia.

“Oh man, I am so nervous. I hope my best friend isn’t a homo. That would be such horrible news. He probably has a huge crush on me and it’s only his respect for the boundaries of our friendship, which probably means a lot to him because he’s so gay, that has kept him from anally raping me, which is what all the gays do, I know it. I hate him. I hate him no matter what the answer is. Look at his girlfriend. She’s so nervous too because she’s about to be made to look like someone who loves gay people. She is gay. I hate her for helping him to fool me into thinking he wasn’t gay, which he is, which is so gross. The real question now is not whether or not my former-best-friend has lived in fear of my close-minded hatred towards homosexuals for decades to the point of keeping his true self hidden from me, but whether or not through my careless friendships I have unwittingly supported the idea that homosexuals were equals in our society and should not be judged by their sexual orientation, which they should. My only hope at this point is that the FOX broadcasting network will have the courage to use this homophobic clip to promote the show so that more people can see this and understand how horrible gay people are when they tell you they are gay for the first time.”