The Incredible Hulk Is Really Smart About Punching

One of the most talked-about aspects of the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie is that the final fight sequence lasts 26 minutes. That is so many minutes. Here is just 42 seconds of the fight, now imagine this multiplied by however much it takes to get to 26 minutes. Math is so lame, right guys?

It’s funny how even though he’s so big and strong, the Hulk still puts on boxing gloves just like a regular human boxer does. Boxers wear gloves that go up to their elbows and are made of metal, right? I’m sure that’s how boxing works. You just find something and rip it in half and put your hands in it and punch stuff until your arms are severed at the elbow by blunt force impact with shredded metal. Apparently the Hulk’s brain also gets bigger and more powerful when he transforms.

Also, I’m really excited that we now have scientific proof that the line “Is that all you’ve got” should never appear in another movie ever again because it’s been shown to be the lamest. FACT.