Netflix It: Frisbee: The Life And Death Of A Hippie Preacher

Among today’s Netflix new releases is some prime documentary nerd bait: Frisbee: The Life And Death Of A Hippie Preacher is a 2005 doc, unavailable until today, about the life of Lonnie Frisbee, a hippie who found Jesus through an acid trip and went on to become the quintessential Jesus Hippie. Before being banished from his own church for homosexuality, Frisbee founded the Jesus Movement of the 1970s, which eventually became the megachurch movement we read about constantly today. Told through archival footage, news stories, and the reminiscence of those who knew Frisbee, the movie tries to explain why someone with so much influence on American religion could be so entirely forgotten.

There’s more video on the official movie site. Looks like a must-watch for fans of the growing genre of real-footage documentaries about cults. (See also the haunting Jonestown: The Life And Death Of The People’s Temple.)