The Ultimate Argument Settler: The Top 10 YouTube Sensations Who Didn’t Make It Into The Weezer Video

Weezer’s new music video, you guys:

(via stereogum)

This means YouTube is over, right? They’ve shut down the uploading function and are deleting the libraries. When you go to YouTube from now on it will just be this video along with a factually inaccurate wikipedia entry about what the site was, historically, before it ended just now.

Obviously, there are a lot of people who did not make it into this video but should have. A Top 10 Who Didn’t Make It Into The New Weezer Video list after the jump.

10. The Grape Stomping Lady

9. The “I Like Turtles” Zombie Kid

8. David Blaine

7. Sneezing Panda

6. Leroy Jenkins

5. Little Superstar

4. Brian Collins

3. The Big Dog Robot

2. All of the Inmates from the CPDRC

1. Pretty Ricky

Remember when you logged on to the internet today and were all like, “I wish someone would make a list of 10 videos I saw a million years ago that are so played out even my mom has written me emails about them?” DONE. Go outside.