Indiana Jones Wants To Wad You Up Into His Life

A dude dresses up as Indiana Jones and runs down a hill in San Francisco to escape a rolling boulder made out of millions of Legos, you guys:

Entertainment Weekly blog speculates that this combination of Katamari Damacy and that Jose Gonzales Sony Bravia commercial might be fake (i.e. not the work of two 14-year-olds with a camera phone) because it’s well-edited. But I don’t think the editing is really what should tip you off. I think the GIANT FLATBED TRUCK THAT WHERE WOULD YOU EVEN GET A GIANT FLATBED TRUCK that the Lego boulder is hauled in on and the dismissive LAUGHTER of the people in the video when they DESTROY PRIVATE PROPERTY WITH THEIR FUCKING LEGO BOULDER is what might give it away that there are deeper pockets at work here. If it was made by some kids I’m pretty sure the Lego boulder would be hauled in on a Razr scooter, and when it hit someone’s car everyone would scatter until the heat died down and then they’d meet back up at Tony’s house for pizza.

It’s just weird, though, right? I mean what could possibly use Indiana Jones and Legos in the same advertisement?

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures available June 3.