Can We Get Heather Graham A Better Agent?

Remember when Heather Graham was the hottest thing on four wheels? Lately, though, it seems like Rollergirl is making some bad choices, or having them made for her by a dearth of roles for super adorable actresses in their late 30’s. First came a long hiatus from film, then Gray Matters, a single-woman-looking-for-love indie with a punny title, then the canceled TV series Emily’s Reasons Why Not, and now someone has had the terrible idea of casting Heather as a British single woman in search of a sperm donor in another punny movie, Miss Conception. It seems from this trailer that even the Brits aren’t protected by their superior taste from overused puns and, while we’re at it, plots.

Who finds out they have two weeks to conceive, anyway? That’s not even possible. And let’s get Heather playing against type in a dark drama or thriller, stat.