Cameron Diaz Is A Bad Actress And No Amount Of Not Having Hair Will Change That

Cameron Diaz was photographed on the set of her new movie, My Sister’s Keeper (Daily Mail). She plays a mother who shaves her head in solidarity with her ill daughter (Sofia Vassilieva). This is a real stretch for Diaz, who not only isn’t a mother, but who most audiences will find it impossible to believe would ever do anything selfless for another person. I’m not sure she’s a good enough actress to pull it off. She might have wanted to stick with something more in her comfort zone. Like, a movie about a mother who is jealous of her daughter’s youth and denies her daughter affection and attention as she attempts to sleep with her daughter’s friends. Or a movie about a mother who complains to the women at her hair salon who she considers to be her best friends but who don’t actually even like her about how her daughter’s terminal illness is ruining her sex life, and just an overall drag that takes up so much of her time. Or a movie about a mother who just straight up kills her daughter and then goes back to looking at pictures of herself from college while drinking Pinot Grigio straight from the bottle. A chick flick, basically.