Remember This?: Our House Starring Wilford Brimley And A Basset Hound

Our House was an intensely wholesome family drama that aired on NBC from 1986-’88 and starred Wilford Brimley as Gus, a curmudgeonly WWII vet who takes in his widowed daughter and her three kids and teaches them Valuable Lessons every week. Whenever I remember Our House, which is about once a year in the middle of the night, I remember Wilford Brimley being grumpy, Shannen Doherty being pre-Brenda likeable, and, for some reason, the family’s basset hound. This 1986 promo for the show put equal weight on the dog’s character.

It’s kind of no wonder this show was canceled — it was just too preachy, even for the ’80s, which is probably why I was allowed to watch it. This line from the Our House Wikipedia page is funny, though: “In a scene of subtle humor, Gus then claims the teddy bear for himself.”