There’s A Real Company Called “The Visioneers”

Everybody freaked out last week about the trailer for Zach Galifianakis and Judy Greer’s weird new movie, Visioneers, about a guy who works as a “Visioneer” for an evil company, and a lot of, um, other things, I think. Especially freaking out, if they found out about it, was probably the company that came up first on a Google search for “Visioneers” until last week: the vague people at a motivational company called Visioneers.

Visioneering accelerates positive change. The Visioneering technology promotes a higher game of creativity and transformation. It helps remove the constraints of the past, facilitates accessing insights and wisdom in building powerfully shared visions. Thus creating foundations for new paradigms to thrive, aligning the present with powerful futures, creating energy and committed action toward ideal destinations, generating access to places beyond reach, enabling the art of seeing things possible, and inspiring commitment towards sustaining powerful futures now!

Yes, it sounds like viral marketing like Dunder Mifflin Infinity, but after reading the entire site, it’s just not quite ridiculous enough to be fake. Though I did have suspicions when I saw their navigational clip art dog: