The Happening International Poster Is Garbage

There’s a new international poster for The Happening, you guys. I think all the sites that have been claiming that the surprise twist at the end is SPOILER ALERT a neurotoxin created by trees and nature to extinguish humans because the Earth is sad are wrong. I think that what actually happens is SPOILER ALERT aliens Photoshop the planet to death using the Pinch filter and all the humans have to quickly move their cars out of the way and throw their blank pieces of paper into the street before getting slaughtered. OH NOES. Mark Wahlberg and his friends survive by using his Emergency Backpack for shelter. And I love the tagline: “Don’t look for the answer, it’s too late.” Fair enough. Probably don’t need a whole movie then, though. Also, I know that Photoshop is hard and stuff, but surely if we could make Jurassic Park in 1993, we can come up with some more convincing CGI litter:

Click through for the full poster.