Okay, It Was Really Funny When Kristen Johnson Fell Out Of The Window

In the hectic rush of having Sex And The City: The Movie: The Event Of The Century jammed down our throats like something Samantha would jam down her throat in a very inappropriate context, like a banana at a professional business meeting, it’s hard to remember that the show did actually have some funny parts. EW’s Popwatch remembered, though, and found this video of all of Kristen Johnson’s scenes as the doomed party girl Lexi Featherston from one of the later episodes. It’s funny because Kristen Johnson is a mess, and it’s funny ’cause Carrie’s barely in it. And even the writing is good. (“Remember we used to go to Tunnel? We were like fiiive.”)

I love when she walks up and Wallace Shawn is saying “Anyway I’m just a huge fan of the pomegranate.” And when she falls out of the window. Definitely the best SATC character ever, including the City of New York.