Barry Levinson’s What Just Happened? Looks Funny Unh-Unh

Here are a couple of clips from Barry Levinson’s new film What Just Happened? (via Cannes2008). It stars Bruce Willis and Robert DeNiro. Together! In one movie! Finally, our generation’s Heat. Oh, and it’s being labeled as a comedy.

Uh oh. So this is one of those comedies. The type of Hollywood-cums-in-its-own-mouth comedies where the joke is that Robert DeNiro is wearing a yarmulke. My favorite gag is either when Stanley Tucci is cheating on his wife, or when Robert DeNiro considers his own mortality in the bathroom mirror. Hilarious. And it’s so hard being a Hollywood producer, I’m glad someone finally blew the lid open on that solipsistic can of the boringest worms.