EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Alba And Cash Warren’s Wedding Gift Registry

Jessica Alba, the actress most famous for [Ed. Note: FIND A REASON JESSICA ALBA IS FAMOUS] married the father of her gestating child, Cash Warren, in a quiet, private ceremony this weekend. They met on the set of The Fantastic Four, and that’s all that I know about them because to know anything else would overfill the Vacuous Cyphers News Gland in my brain, instantly making me a vacuous cyper. Celebrity gossip is like The Ring, but for brains. The important thing is that they’re happy (that is not the important thing, Sudan is the important thing). Although the ceremony was kept out of the press, it’s still possible for fans and loved ones to get the couple gifts at their online gift registry page. After the jump, we have a link to the registry page, with specific gifts picked out by both Alba and Warren.

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