Neil LaBute Is Tackling Race The Only Way He Knows How: Terribly

I posted the trailer for Lakeview Terrace a few weeks ago and made a joke about how it was a combination of Training Day and Wilson from Home Improvement, and the half-joke about how it was the most racist. But because I am bad at my job (which is why Friday is my last day, it’s been fun), I didn’t actually do any research on the film, so I didn’t realize what a cursory glance at the IMDB page would have told me: that Neil “Fuck Her, Let’s Get A Sandwich” LaBute had directed it.

Neil LaBute is an intentionally controversial film maker, and while I can’t say that I’ve ever enjoyed anything that he’s done (with the exception of the so-unintentionally-hilarious-that-you-start-to-think-it-must-actually-be-intentional remake of Wicker Man) I always sort of respected the fact that his misogynistic harangues (yes, his movies are harangues, and yes I graduated from college) on modern gender relations were, while horrible and obnoxious, created in the search for something. Even if he was a bully and his intentions were often questionable, it was still clear that he was trying to figure out a truth, or get to the bottom of an issue. And I think that’s respectable. I think that’s a really good reason to make movies, even if you make bad movies.

But at this point, it seems pretty clear that he’s not going to find it (obvs). Or that he even has an idea what he was looking for in the first place. Which means that his button pushing serves no real purpose. Which is what assholes do, push buttons for no reason. And his abandonment of gender relations for the fertile poisoned ground of race relations is like a spousal abuser trying his hand at full on hate crime. Gross, Neil LaBute.

I’m pretty watching that trailer makes you a racist. SORRY. Obama 08.