How I Met Your Mother’s Finale Was Gimmicky, Relationshippy, Meh

How I Met Your Mother’s season finale was last night, and it was way too soapy. If I wanted to watch Friends I would set my DVR to tape Friends when it comes on at 7 and 7:30 on Thursdays on the CW. HIMYM is trying to do a Ross and Rachel thing, but there will never be another Ross and Rachel, with their Pavlovian–trigger theme song (With Or Without You), and their seven minute long fights, and their show being on, and therefore representative of, my less jaded youth. Yes, I like Friends. It’s comforting. Anyway, when I tell people to watch How I Met Your Mother and to ignore the Two And A Half Men time slot because it’s actually really funny, I don’t want them to tune in during a relationshippy episode like last night’s season finale. “Cliffhanger” spoilers after the jump.

You can watch the entire episode here, but here’s what happened:

After both getting in car accidents, Ted and Barney made up, Barney made a face indicating he loves Robin, and Ted asked Stella to marry him. But it’s kind of hard to care, because we don’t know much about Stella. Be funny again!