Aragorn Shuffled Through The Ash, Pushing The Cart Towards The Coast Of Isildur

The first image from the Viggo Moretnson adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road hit the internet today (Row Three via i09). It looks about right. I see layers of clothing, and Apocalyptic ash. Oh, and child eyes filled with sad terror. Perfect. On the one hand, I kind of wish that they were not making this movie in the first place. It’s a really good book (someone should give it an award, or feature it on their stunningly popular daytime talk show) and while the writing is very stark and full of cinematic imagery, it is imagery that belongs in the head. To concretize it in a film would diminish its importance and effectiveness. I think. Or something. That being said, if they are going to make a movie of the book (and they are, this post is about a still image from the movie, I’m so on top of things over here), they might as use the special skill set that Mortenson brings to the project, namely swordplay and naked shower fighting. My personal vision of the private hell that is surviving the Apocalypse is constant naked shower fighting with Hoobastank playing in the background.

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