Steve Novick Represents The Special Interests Of Alcholic Cripples

I’ve always been disdainful of the who would you rather have a beer with policy of political decision making. It’s the worst kind of faux populism, and an insulting perversion of what politicians should be worrying about, which are massive global issues, not the concerns of one dude who doesn’t give a shit about carbs. But this campaign ad really hits it head on:

Steve Novick recognizes that you either want to have a beer with a guy who has a hook for a hand or you don’t. But if he wins, you’re definitely going to have to have a beer with him, and it might gross you out. So you’re going to have to make a decision ahead of time. DO YOU WANT A BEER WITH THIS GUY OR NOT? But if you’re not going to bother doing the research on what modern medical prosthetics and the recreational use of alcohol mean for your community, then you probably shouldn’t even be voting anyway.