Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche Promises To Be Very Kaufmany

Three clips from Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, you guys:

(Cannes via Slash Film)

As I explained before, Synecdoche is about a down on his luck theater director played by Philip Seymour Hoffman who, after his wife leaves him and he’s diagnosed with an illness that progressively shuts down his autonomic functions, moves his theater company from Schenectady to a giant warehouse in New York, where he proceeds to create a miniaturized version of the city and stage a “play” of regular life. As if that weren’t already Kaufman-y enough, you can see in the third clip that there is a warehouse within the warehouse, where no doubt there is a play of the play being performed. It’s weird because I like Charlie Kaufman a lot and I hate M.C. Escher.

It’s hard to watch Philip Seymour Hoffman in the doctor’s office clip and not be reminded of Nicolas Cage’s role (as Charlie Kaufman) in Adaptation. Or John Cusack in Being John Malkovich. Why is it that crazy surrealist puzzle magic only affects the lives of sloppy socially incapable losers? Mr. Gondry? Also, a friend of mine in college once dated a girl whose entire back was covered in a Chicago White Sox tattoo. I say this is hot. What do you say?