The Bruno Movie Will Do For Homosexuals What Borat Did For Kazakhstan

Just Jared posted some pictures today of Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno trying to interview Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Apparently, Schwarzenegger ducked the interview and jumped into his SUV. Which makes sense, because Cohen probably didn’t even ask him any questions about orgies, which is the only kind of interview he’s willing to do. Otherwise his handlers are like “shove.” The Bruno movie is slated to come out as early as this fall, which is good news for people who like funny things, and great news for people trying to bet on what will be next year’s most common hipster Halloween costume. The episode of Da Ali G Show when Bruno interviewed an RV full of college wrestlers on spring break may be one of the funniest things on that whole show. Clip after the jump.

As uncomfortable as any of the Borat scenarios could get, the Bruno material was always much more painful. People will squeamishly tolerate an inappropriate foreigner, but a gay foreigner is the yuckiest! I’m curious what percentage of the people who end up seeing the Bruno movie will come away from it understanding the anti-homophobic nuances of it, and which percentage will come away thinking we should throw the gays down the well. It’s always that fine line between humorously pointing out bigoted tendencies, and providing catch-phrases for those bigots to annoyingly yell out at a crowded bar.