Remember This?: The First Always With Wings Commercial

Yeah, that’s right: the first Always maxi-pads with wings commercial. This was posted on YouTube yesterday and when it came over the wires at Videogum HQ, everyone gathered excitedly around the wires to watch. Or maybe I saw it and couldn’t resist nostalgia-clicking, and was delighted to discover a survey of ’80s fashion and basically the perfect example of a Patrick Bateman era Lady commercial. I love the lengths they go to to explain what wings are, like we’re retarded, and even if you’re a boy reading this you have to admit that “with wings” and “dri-weave” are ubiquitous comedy cliches.

But what’s most fascinating (MOST fascinating) is the fact that this was posted by someone named Brandon who has an entire YouTube channel devoted to posting pad commercials. Why, Brandon, why?