Greg From Kid Nation Is Thinking About Selling His Hair On Ebay

Either you watched Kid Nation and loved it, or didn’t watch it and don’t know why I’m talking about a reality show that aired last fall and wasn’t renewed because of alleged child labor allegations. But if you did watch it, you’ll remember Greg, the oldest of the older kids who was sometimes a little bullyish and sometimes like a sweet older brother. Someone who knows I still care about where the Kid Nation kids are now sent me a tip last night:

“Have you seen Greg’s MySpace page? He posted that he cut off his hair and is thinking about selling it on ebay and spending the money on a trip to Australia, and now all these 14 year old girls are begging him to come to their cities in the comments!”

And it’s true! It was actually Greg’s Mom’s idea, in March, and there’s no eBay auction yet, but seriously I swear, for Kid Nation fans, this constitutes breaking news. Not only do I believe there should be a Kid Nation Reunion Special, but I think they should all be famous and we should follow them forever like the kids on The Up Series. If you have Kid Nation kid news, email me. And Greg, if you’re Googling yourself: sell your hair.