Friday Fight: Tropic Thunder: Good Movie Or Best Movie Ever?

lindsay: there’s a new Tropic Thunder super-restricted red band trailer and it’s so worth entering your birthday to watch!
lindsay: do you have anyone who you just look at them and laugh
lindsay: like ben stiller
gabe: there is you
lindsay: his face is just hilarious
gabe: and that is all
lindsay: hahahahaa
lindsay: I think it looks like one of the funniest movies ever.
gabe: it looks fine.

lindsay: ok tropic thunder: great movie or the greatest movie?
gabe:: it is neither of the things you mentioned
gabe:: not a great movie
gabe: by any means
lindsay: I think it might be finally what cures our country’s racial ills.
gabe: how is that?
lindsay: I don’t know lemme watch it again
gabe: you have this tendency
gabe: to make really sweeping statements
gabe: about modern race relations
lindsay: yes I know
gabe: as they relate to stupid movies
lindsay: haha, harold and kumar
lindsay: yes
lindsay: I think it’s just this big desire of my heart
gabe: to see more people in black face?

lindsay: and somehow I always think pop culture can help
lindsay: god, you suck
gabe: i don’t think that robert downey jr. in black face or a movie about an asian pothead have anything to do with curing racism
lindsay: how about You’re A Dick
lindsay: vs No i’m Not
gabe: it just looks like Scary Movie for smart people
lindsay: Well, I think the world is begging for Scary Movie for smart people actually
gabe: begging
lindsay: Obviously Scary Movie doesn’t cut it
gabe: the world is begging for access to clean drinking water and medicine
gabe: but sure
gabe: yes
lindsay: but a good parody of shitty movies, or the shitty parts of good movies is refeshing
gabe: i don’t know, i think parody can only take you so far
gabe: and Ben Stiller keeps playing action heroes and muscle-bound dudes like it’s a joke
gabe: but i don’t think it’s a joke
gabe: i think that’s really what he wishes he was
lindsay: but his face is so FUNNY

lindsay: This is the first movie in 15 years where Nick Nolte’s intensity matches the rest of the movie.

lindsay: Spoiler alert: Steve Coogan dies:

lindsay: One thing that disappointed me in robert downey jr’s performance in this trailer and probably the movie
lindsay: is all the jokes are that he’s australian
gabe: why does that disappoint you?
lindsay: so I want to see some sort of american guy does australian guy does what he thinks is stereotypical black guy
lindsay: like Victor/Victoria but for accents
lindsay: but he still sounds American
gabe: so what disappoints you?
lindsay: I know that would have been an Oscar worthy feat, but if they’re going to go to the trouble to make him australian
lindsay: I guess that would be incredibly subtle
gabe: what are you talking about?
gabe: i’m so lost
gabe: this fight is a disaster
lindsay: Our fight about Tropic Thunder falls apart like apocalypse now
gabe: have you even seen apocalypse now?
lindsay: yes