Want A Little Rainn Wilson In Your Movie Poster?

Before he was caught (verbing) (noun) on last night’s The Office finale, Rainn Wilson was a cute little nerd who also looked (surprise) like a tiny version of his current self. Fox is capitalizing on a perfect real picture of Rainn as a kid for their poster for The Rocker, the comedy about a washed-up former metal star who joins his teenage nephew’s band that looks pretty funny. Apparently, the designers only made tiny tweaks (and added a tattoo, of course) to an actual picture of Rainn as a kid, though I was disappointed to read that those weren’t his real glasses. The poster in all its actually kind-of-creepy-but-very-original glory after the jump.

This poster is genius, but I hope it it doesn’t ruffle the feathers of any parental watchdog groups. Not that a controversy wouldn’t sell more tickets.