M. Night Shyamalan, As With Everything Shitty He Does, Wears His Choker Unapologetically

The early review on of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening on collider made the blog rounds yesterday in no small part due to this comparison:

The closest comparison I can draw is to Neil LaBute’s Wicker Man and, like that film, the only consolation I can offer potential theater-goers is that you might want to see it just to be in on the ground floor when the film gets its ass handed back to it.

Whoa. M. Night Shyamalan, please log on to, someone has sent you an e-Zing. So, today, as if in response, Yahoo has posted a five minute clip from the film with an intro by the director.

Well, there go all the nerd crushes on Zooey Deschanel. The fantasies of hanging out at dive bars making jokes about your favorite indie rock bands just got replaced with nightmares of having to lie through your teeth about what a great job she did acting. But the best part of this footage, obviously is Mr. Shyamalan himself. Like we haven’t seen 28 Days Later before? “I just had this vision of an abandoned city, like after a zombie virus wipes out the population, except not a zombie virus, something else. Anyway, I have no idea how I came up with it, I was just sitting in darkened movie theater and it hit me.” That guy is such a genius. I also love that he got so excited about this idea that he threw out what he was writing and started writing this movie. “I was writing another movie, but then I started writing this movie. I like this movie better, so I made this one instead of making the other movie I was writing, which wasn’t as good. That’s how much I fell in love with this idea, just enough to make me work on it, which is my job.” If they could bottle his genius, I’m sure you could fill half, maybe three quarters of a shelf at Big Lots.