Kelsey Grammer Used To Think He Was Jesus

Last summer, I found a copy of Kelsey Grammer’s 1995 autobiography, So Far…, at a used bookshop and couldn’t put it down. In chapters like “Portrait of the Actor as a Young Man” and “Another Day, Another Dolor,” a pre-sober Grammer alternates between recounting the very real tragedies of his life and complaining about the women and colleagues he felt interfered with his genius as an Act-or, including the dog on Frasier.

With Kelsey in the spotlight this week, starring in an odd viral marketing campaign for the upcoming movie Swing Vote and crying foul over the cancellation of his sitcom Back To You, I thought it would be fun to share some choice moments from his clearly not-ghostwritten autobiography. Kelsey has surely gained some perspective and a sense of irony in the thirteen intervening years, but as these quotes demonstrate, in 1995 the guy was a bit of an over-earnest pompous blowhard.

Kelsey On Giving Credit Where Credit Is Obviously Due:

And special thanks to the following: my mother and father and W.H. Auden, for obvious reasons.

Kelsey On Shelley Long:

Though I was clearly responsible for the success of Frasier, I credit Shelley Long for his longevity. The rumors about her are numerous and often vicious, but grossly exaggerated…but there was a problem. Shelley didn’t want Frasier on the show.

Kelsey On Christopher Plummer Copying One Of His Moves During A Shakespeare Play:

Chris made his way upstage, slumped against the wall, then sat upon the stool. My stool. I had my first glimpse into how insidious an evil I was facing.

Kelsey On the Dog From Frasier:

The truth is, I have nothing against Moose. The only difficulty I have is when people start believing he’s an actor. Acting to me is a craft, not a reflex. It takes years to master., and though it does have his rewards, the reward I seek is not a hot dog.

Kelsey Writes Poetry:

I am tonight the mystery guest
At a dinner thrown
By my own

Kelsey On Martyrdom:

It occurred to me, and I know this may sound strange, that I might be Jesus. And I prayed that God would let me know. I didn’t mind the idea of having to die for mankind, I was just sick and tired of not knowing.

(So Far… is out of print, but you can still get a used copy on Amazon.)