Sex And The City SpoilerWatch: “It Sucks” Is Still Not A Spoiler

I’m beginning to think maybe nothing actually happens in the Sex And The City movie and that all my spoiler-begging is for naught. For instance, despite the opinions of two bloggers I adore and whose hair I want to braid, this is not a spoiler and this is not a spoiler. There is still that one major plot point that no news outlet will “ruin” that I’m starting to believe might not exist. Just look at the Google results for “I saw the Sex And The City movie.” Lame! Could it really be that, like the show, little unimportant things (or things we already know about from the trailer and promotion) just happen one by one like cresting waves that Carrie can’t help but wonder about? And do I really have to sit through 2.5 hours of something long and hard and full of nothing happening? And can men and women really be friends? When someone is ready to really spoil the movie for real, if that’s even possible, email me. Until then I remain as disappointed as someone who got broken up with via post it note and only knows three SATC references.