Mugatu’s Pin Gets In The Way Of Greg From The Real World’s Ass

I know that I have said this before, but everyone on this season’s cast of The Real World needs to schedule a routine check-up with Dr. Kevorkian (so many super relevant jokes today, schwing). Just look at their MySpace and Facebook profiles. It was hard choosing which clip to post last week, because although I thought the rare intrusion of the producers was the most important event, it wasn’t as rewarding as the clip of Unapologetic Racist and Classist Kim’s remark “all strippers do it for money for their drugs, AND THAT’S A FACT.” She’s probably right. I think if you go to you’ll find out that she’s completely right.

Anyway, this week, Greg skips out on practicing with the fellow castmates’ improv troupe (which, again, worst season of Real World ever log10 to the fart power) to go be in what he claims is a fashion show.

I’m not convinced that “the jacket maneuver” was perfection, but he definitely had the right idea.

Super Greg, number 1. SPOILER ALERT: according to the previously linked website that lists their Facebook profiles, both Greg and Joey will leave mid-season to be replaced by Nick Brown and Brittni Sherrod. No word yet on whether the reason behind the early departures is due to an overdose of being the worst (I need 30cc’s of great jokes, stat!)