VH1 Will Air The Bachelor Almost Constantly For An Entire Week

VH1 has acquired all 12 “cycles” or as we called them before Tyra, “seasons,” of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchises, and is pulling a daily marathon stunt in June. From the press release:

VH1 will air the first seven seasons during the first week of June. Airing one season per day in a marathon format, VH1 will premiere the first edition of “The Bachelor” on Sunday, June 1 and conclude the week-long programming event with the seventh on Saturday, June 7.

VH1 Celebreality addicts will probably be disappointed by the relative lack of nudity and slap-fights, and I have some bad news for the kids: except for Trista and Ryan (shown, duh), all of the couples you’ll see in the first week have since broken up. If you’re going to pick a day to watch a full season, though, might I suggest Andrew Firestone on Tuesday, June 4. He was what we called a “douche” in 2003. It’s satisfying to see that he’s now giving Bachelor Cooking Tips on super-local TV.