If You Watch One Video Today, Make It Paul Rudd Dancing

At the end of a June 2007 interview on The Daily Show, Jon asked Paul Rudd about his upcoming film I Could Never Be Your Woman, co-starring Michelle Pfeiffer. After a few kind words about Michelle and the director, Amy Heckerling, Paul broke down and admitted “I’m being totally honest here: I don’t know what’s going on with that movie. It’s gotten caught up in some legal issues? I don’t know what’s going on with that movie.” What ended up going on with that movie was a straight-to-DVD release in February, but after seeing this video of an amazing Paul Rudd dance sequence (via The I In We), in which Paul takes over a dance floor and basically does his own version of the history of dance from tap to country line dancing to (of course) the robot, I will soon own the DVD.

I don’t know if this part was an outtake or what, but Paul totally looks at the camera and laughs at the end:

Here’s the charming Daily Show interview:

If a video could be your desktop wallpaper, that would be annoying, but Paul Rudd dancing would be mine.