Simon Cowell Would Like Someone From American Idol I Guess To Win

I like Simon Cowell. He’s so sassy! He’s basically made a living out of leaving flaming bags of shit on people’s doorsteps, but he doesn’t run away from it, and when you stomp the flames out you discover that your penny loafer is covered in TRUTH. But it’s not all ding-dong-ditch with him. He can play nice. Sometimes he doesn’t even light the bag on fire! Like today, he’s just endorsed David Cook from American Idol to win the competition this year (via Blender):

“I think he’s done more to deserve it over the eleven weeks,” Cowell says. “He’s taken more risks, he’s done things with certain songs that have been more interesting. If I’m gonna base it on who has done the best performances over the live shows, David Cook deserves to win.”

Sure. I mean, I obviously have no idea. Here is the big deserving risk taker singing with Mariah Carey.

Hey, even if he doesn’t win, he’s going to make a great Plain White T’s cover band.