Point To The Place Where The European Playstation 3 Ad Touched You

In the grand tradition of “goatse” and “tub girl,” I’m about to show you something that once you see it, you will never be able to take it back. Seriously. Afterwards, you might wish that you had taken the blue pill (Matrix joke! 2008!) It is a European ad for Playstation 3 (via Ads of the World via Joystiq) that is a way stronger argument for NOT buying a Playstation 3 than any high price-point or sluggish load times nonsense. It is anatomically safe for work insofar as a Photoshop wizard has replaced a man’s penis with a thumb. But obviously it’s EXTREMELY NSFW, and also NSFWIJTU (Not Safe For Whoops, I Just Threw Up). I’m telling you right now, just turn around and go home. No one will think you’re a pussy. Or at least no one will think you’re more of a pussy.

(if something is wrong with you, click to enlarge)

I NEED AN ADULT! I NEED AN ADULT! Gross, Europe, gross. I respect your openness towards human sexuality and your laid back attitudes towards the human body, but maybe you need to lay it forward a little bit.