The Moldy Peaches’s Juno Song Rewritten For Atlantis Resorts

The Moldy Peaches’s “Anyone Else But You,” popularized by Juno, isn’t fading away now that the Juno craze is over. This re-written version (apparently not sung by them) caught my ears in a commercial for Atlantis resorts during one of the tabloid shows last night, and it’s not online yet, so here it is, and you may judge for yourself whether any selling out has occurred:

Lyrics (possibly slightly misheard):

Let’s go ride a couple of dolphins
or maybe play tennis
or do some golfin’
oh what a wonder, a wonderful world can be … with
we’ll float a lazy river
and walk with sharks and shiver
and glide with a manna
the size of Alabama
oh what a wonder (fade out)

I have no real feelings about the song other than being sick of hearing it, so this wasn’t a “selling out” moment for me. But I could see die-hard Moldy Peaches fans feeling a little icky. It does seem like a good deal on a vacation.