Jan From The Office Was The First Poseur Punk

I got an IM from my friend Darci yesterday with some exciting where-were-they-then news about Melora Hardin, aka Steve Carell’s on-again-off-again paramour Jan on The Office:

Darci: Melora Hardin from the Office was in a very famous episode of Quincy ME about punks. My friends and I are trying to bring back the term “QuincyPunk” which refers to punk posers. And that led me to finding the clip online and discovering that it was a young Melora Hardin!

And it’s true! After the jump, clips from the episode and Melora Hardin in full fake punk getup. The clips are hilarious even without her. “I believe that the music I heard is a killer. It’s a killer of hope. It’s a killer of spirit.”

Promo with Melora/Jan as a confused teen:

Melora witnesses a murder caused by “violence-oriented punk rock music”:

If we ever see Jan again on The Office, they should incorporate an inside joke about her punk rock past.