Werner Herzog To Remake The Bad Lieutenant With The Bad Actor

I’m generally a fan of Werner Herzog. He’s made some great movies, and he’s endlessly entertaining as an actor (see: Julien Donkey-Boy if for nothing else than the Herzog scenes). But this news from Variety?

Nicolas Cage will star in an updated version of 1992’s “Bad Lieutenant” with Werner Herzog directing, Edward R. Pressman producing and Avi Lerner’s Nu Image/Millennium Films financing.

A rare miss, Werner. There is simply no reason to remake The Bad Lieutnant. And I’m even harder pressed to find a reason to cast Nicolas Cage (in anything). Imagine this memorable scene, but with Nicolas Cage:

Actually, that’s painfully easy to do. I can totally see Nicolas Cage doing that. Hopefully they’ll have him keep his hair from Bangkok Dangerous.

The man is like poison for the eyes.