Reading Between The Lines Of Roger Friedman’s Sex And The City Semi-Spoilers

Do you trust a glowing review of the Sex And The City movie from someone who says this:

And then there’s the other character: the clothes. Not since Robert Altman’s “Dr. T. and the Women” have I seen such outrageous get-ups on screen.

No good sentence starts with “Not since Dr. T And The Women.” It’s nice to see someone remembers that movie, though, because I was about to suggest it to Gabe for Worst Movie Of All Time. Anyway, there are technically spoilers in the review, but it’s hardly spoilerrific or even spoilocre. Roger says he can’t reveal a “pivotal plot point,” but I’ve read between the lines. Spoilers and my EXPANDED master prediction after the jump. (Note: unlike yesterday’s “leaked” clips tease, there are actual spoilers here. Especially if my prediction is right!)

Spoilers in the review:

  • Nobody dies.
  • Big leaves Carrie at the altar.
  • The girls have plenty of adventures.

Spoiler I’m Making Up Based On This Paragraph:

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Steve (David Eigenberger) break up when he cheats on her, but not before we see them getting graphically horizontal. Miranda’s story has an ancillary effect on Carrie, a big secret is created and used as a pivotal story point. More than that, I can’t say.

Duh, Steve and Big are gay for each other!