Is Anybody Else Watching House?

House, M.D. has always been set in a less realistic fantasy world than Passions or Lost, but last night’s part one of a two-part season finale called “House’s Head” was just, like, based on a dare or something. I refuse to pay attention to dream sequence episodes on general low-stakes principle, and most of the episode took place in a dream sequence/hypnosis trance where House had to piece together a drunken night to diagnose diseases and keep people from dying. But the entire episode seemed like an excuse for a dream scene where Cuddy, the hospital administrator who tries to keep House in line, exotic-dances for him in a bra and panties on a stripper pole. On a bus.

Why do they think they can get away with this stuff on what’s supposed to be a medical drama? I asked my friend Bex, who loves the show and is the one who introduced me to House canes, and she said “Because we’re the only people under 65 who watch House.”