Paradise Hotel 2: If You Love Something, Kick It Off The Island

On last night’s Paradise Hotel 2, Ryan and Tidisha (aka The Drunk and The Black) were given the power to chose which of the other remaining couples would go home. SPOILER ALERT: this clip shows who they pick.

Haha. I nominate Krista for the Cathy Whittaker Award in the category of Most Oblivious Lady. Because I’m pretty sure she has no idea what’s happening in this scene, while Mike and Ryan are facing the deep regrets of lovers scorned.

Krista: Yeah, it hurts and stuff, cuz like we thought we were all buddies, so totally.
Mike: The wounds you’ve dealt me, Ryan, some of them may never heal.
Krista: Because like you should be friends, you know? Friends should be nice.
Mike: But you cannot take what we had away from me. It is mine. Your cruelty may break my heart, but it cannot break my memories of our love.
Krista: The game n’ stuff. You know? Like, for real.

Needless to say, there were some killer fights after the elimination ceremony. So good. I can’t believe next week is the season finale. Let’s KEEP IT GOING.