Now That Is A Juno I’d Like To See

I still haven’t actually seen Juno. I feel like I should, but at this point it’s like waiting until you’re in college to start smoking. What’s the point? No one’s going to think I’m cool for hating it (because people think I’m cool for other reasons. Like, lots of people. People you don’t know, they live in Canada.) And it’s not like I need to see it to tell Diablo just where she should put her Oscar (on the mantle, of course.) The backlash is over, the movie has run its course, the Moldy Peaches finally got some money, and no one was really harmed (yet, just wait until those Juno-inspired-but-way-worse teen comedies start hitting theaters in 2009.)

But for as much as I found Juno unappealing in its initial marketing run, this Chinese movie poster (via IMP) is definitely a movie I would want to see. It looks like Ghost World, but instead of two disenfranchised teenagers trying to make sense of their approaching adulthood, it’s about a fat sassy monster from space who’s entered a children’s book about the importance of keeping streets clean of garbage. I’m pretty sure those arrows pointing to her belly say “This is where the magic is kept!” and on the chair it says “Here you sit to wash your dreams.” Or something else I’m making up based on my rudimentary and Westernized simplification of the complexities of Asian culture.

Click through to enlarge.