Bag Of Hair Does Not Not Disappoint

Yesterday, I vowed that if a certain entertainer who is scheduled to replace Conan O’Brien next year was less insufferably boring and uncharismatic than I expected in his appearance on the show to talk about the transition, that I would publicly admit I was wrong, and call him by his real name, rather than the semi-insulting but ultimately nonsensical nickname I had given him to express my derision for his intelligence and talent.

Oh. Oh wow. Sorry, Ball of Hair. THE NAME STANDS. The rest of the interview after the jump.

UGHHHHHH. Stop squirming, little boy. Also, is it just me, or are his bits falling on their face? At the very least, he should seem on par with Conan, because he’s not even doing the interviewing. Conan’s job is to make people on the couch look great, and Conan is good at his job. Bary Gibb. THIS MAN MUST BE STOPPED.

I know that performing is difficult. I am not a heckler. But let’s also remember that he’s going to be paid millions of dollars for this, so it’s not like we’re talking about the bravest little champion getting up there and trying his best. This is not open mic night at the poetry cafe, although somehow I feel like even that room would be too tough for him.